Legal Practitioners Ask PM Xanana to Quickly Choose Commissioner KAK

DILI, – Legal practitioners asked Prime Minister (PM) Xanana Gusmao to immediately elect a figure for the Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (KAK) because it has been almost a year since the KAK institution in Timor Leste did not have a leader.

“I see that in the absence of a KAK leader, people can take advantage of this situation to steal more state money. Because of that, I asked PM Xanana Gusmao to appoint a figure whose name would later be sent to the National Parliament for discussion and approval,” said legal practitioner Sergio Dias Quintas to STL at the Dili District Court on Wednesday (12/7/2023).

He said KAK is a state institution that has an important role in eradicating corruption in this country. Therefore, the 9th constitutional government needs to propose a name to the National Parliament for discussion and approval. Because a state institution does not have a leader, work in that institution will be disrupted.

“This state institution is important enough to protect the country’s wealth. However, if there is no leader, the duties and responsibilities that are carried by the state to the people who work in these agencies will not run smoothly because there is no one to control them,” said Sergio.

Meanwhile, the Director General for Prevention of KAK Sensibilities, Rosario Salsinha Araujo, said the absence of KAK Commissioners had an impact on the duties and responsibilities they carry out in protecting the country’s assets.

“Because there is no KAK Commissioner, we cannot carry out investigative activities, prevention, and visits to the community to socialise the rules related to KAK,” he said.

Previously, the 8th constitutional government led by Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak had proposed the name of the former Attorney General, Jose Ximenes, to the National Parliament.

However, the opposition parties did not agree with this figure, so elections were not held until the change of government.



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