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The Daily Newspaper, Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) is a newspaper re-established in Dili on 31st of July 2000 as rebirth of the Daily Newspaper, Suara Timor Timur (STT). STT was first private, independent, and professional newspaper that published in East Timor. First edition of STT was printed on 1st of February 1993 at the same date of the first day of trial of Xanana Gusmão (Timorese National Resistance Leader, would later become The First President of East Timor) in the Dili Court. STT coverage on Xanana Gusmão’s trial in the Dili Court has mentioned in the report of UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali to general Assembly. In the report, Mr. Boutros-Ghali stated that “the trial has received extensive coverage in the new local media in Dili, Suara Timor Timur (STT). 

The last edition of newspaper was September 3, 1999 and fully stopped it’s publication on 4 September 1999 due to the massive looting, destruction and burnt down by the Indonesia back militias following Timor Leste post-referendum. Consequently, all facilities of the newspaper such as building, printing and pre-printing machines, thousands tons of news print and other facilities were totally destroyed and burnt down.

“From zero, we started;

From pressure, we survive;

From ashes, we re-emerge


 Freedom, and independence;

Unfinished struggle”.

Convergence of printing media and electronic media are imperative in response to the public demand to involve and obtain easy, quick and comprehensive information. To achieve, and inline with the era of multimedia, digital and multi-platform journalism, the management has established electronic media. The implication of establishment of electronic media is the organization and structure of STL has to change to holding organization of media. Suara Timor Lorosae Corporation (STL Corp.) name that decide at management meeting at Maubara (Casa Retiro) February 2012, which now consists of the STL Newspaper, STL TV, STL Radio, STL Online & Social Media (STL News), Salvador Training Institute (STI), Creativeast (documentation services for event, etc), OQIENUM, LDA. (Printing).

As institution of media and business, STL Corp. shall have responsibility to the society in future in the line of corporate social responsibility, and Timor Tatoli Naroman Foundation as part of group will have this role. Dreams ahead are STL Corporation became a leading of the industry of information and lay down the foundation for industry of knowledge in this country of the rising sun.


• To become enlighten and guidance for the people of Timor Leste.
• To become pioneer in the age of multi-platform media and leading in the information sector and an asset of the East Timor.
• To concern with the voice of voiceless based on love.

• Commit to become the rightful, frankness, credible, reliable and quality source of information to the public.
• Commit to become an institution and professional media business entity. Use all technology advancement in order to provide a quick, easy-access and well-disseminated information reach to all people of Timor Leste.
• Commit to provide best services to all stakeholders as the main partners.

• Fair and equal services to all stakeholders based on professional ethics.
• Develop common sense of ownership to organization as a place for learning, working, career development and satisfaction.
• Hard work, disciplines, responsibility, innovation, future-orientation, solid teamwork and equal opportunity.

The STL Corporation motto: Shaping The Better Future For New Society


The STL management team commits to continuously improve professional quality of human resources for journalist and staffs. Standard for journalist are to achieve multi-platform of journalist that able to write and report to newspaper, TV, radio, and online. STL developing training to the journalist and staffs base on two approaches such as formal training in the class and internship training.

Such approach has shows good results. STL has sent journalist and staffs to undertake formal trainings in its partner institutions such as the DR Soetomo Press Institute (LPDS) and Institute of Training Management (LPPM)  Jakarta. Internship programs has conducted at the daily newspaper Kompas, the daily Tempo and the Tempo Magazine Jakarta, the daily newspaper Pikiran Rakyat in Bandung, and the daily newspaper Radar Bali.

Corporate Media Organization
In accordance with developments of Information Technology that has implication to the media convergence has a direct influence to media running management and change the demand of information from the people. The public are very keen to actively involve and quickly obtain information on the real time of the events. Suara Timor Lorosae as a pioneer media has obligation to implement the requirements of the evolution and transformation of this age of media. In that line, STL has established electronic media.

Organization and structure of Suara Timor Lorosae has to change to Corporate that named Suara Timor Lorosae Corporation (STL Corp.) which consist from newspaper Suara Timor Lorosae as pioneer in the corporate along with STL TV, STL Radio, STL Online & Social Media (STL News), Salvador Training Institute (STI), Creativeast (documentation services for event, etc), OQIENUM, LDA. (Printing).

The Daily Newspaper Suara Timor Lorosae
Why keep the word “Suara”?
The daily newspaper, Suara Timor Lorosae is the rebirth of the daily Suara Timor Timur. Suara Timor Timur is the first and pioneer of private, independent and professional newspaper publish in this country. Suara Timor Lorosae is the same means as Suara Timor Timur. The main difference is the word Timur, which means East in Indonesian is changed to Lorosae in Tetum, which also the same mean as East in Timor Lorosae national language. Other change is on the top of the word “Suara” is inserted words A Voz de, which can be read as Suara Timor Lorosae or A Voz de Timor Lorosae or The Voice of East Timor. The word “Suara” remains because has well known and part of history of the paper. Many medias writers from national and international has recognized and serve Suara Timor Timur in the past as one of their sources of references.

The rebirth of the newspaper is to give a concrete contribution to accelerate and motivate the reconciliation process, which has become one of the important agendas for East Timorese leaders and the International Community in the early years of independence.

The re-publication of the newspaper also is intend to be the monument and respect to the struggle leaders, journalists, and staffs of Suara Timor Timur that young peoples with high enthusiasm, tireless, high dedication, and sacrifice their self to defend the principles of free and independent press under the Indonesian authority.

Hopefully this heroic and risky struggle and sacrifices could become the foundation for development of free and independent press in this country and do not be forgotten, as “like ashes in the territory that fly away by blows of wind in the summer or disappeared in the floods in the rainy season.”

The Motto of daily Suara Timor Lorosae is: “Guiding For The Free Society” (Mata Dalan Ba Sosiedade Livre) which reflects the intension of the newspaper to serve the people of Timor Leste as well as to play role as a guiding media to enlighten people based on mutual respect, democracy, human rights, tolerance and Timor Leste cultural values.

In the beginning it’s publication 1993, motto of Suara Timor Timur is Unity and Development (Persatuan dan Pembangunan). Later on according to the political situation, the motto has change to Voice of Truth and Justice (Menyuarakan Kebenaran dan Keadilan). At the time of STL re-publication use the motto Serve and Guide to the New Society.

Leading Newspaper
The Daily Newspaper Suara Timor Lorosae, has been placed as the leading newspaper in Timor Leste based on the following surveys and studies:
The Asia Foundation and NGO Forum (2001): The daily newspaper, Suara Timor Lorosae is the leading newspaper in Timor Leste. 
A. Lin Newman and Jean du Toit (2002): The daily newspaper, Suara Timor Lorosae is the best media management in Timor Leste.
The International Republican Institute (2004): The daily newspaper, Suara Timor Lorosae is the most reading newspaper in Timor Leste.
Hirondelle Foundation (2007): The daily newspaper, Suara Timor Lorosae is the most reading newspaper in Timor Leste.

STL maintain his position as newspaper read by the most people of Timor Leste according to the survey conducted by United Mission in Timor Leste (UNMIT) 2011.

Format and Distribution
The STL’s format is broadsheet 75 x 57 cm, 8 columns, bigger than STT which consists of 16 pages. This format has been used since 7th April 2002 following the procurement of GOSS Community Printing Machine jointly funded by Portuguese and Finish Government and STL.

The average daily production and circulation of the newspaper is 3,000 copies. But some times reach to 5.000 copies when there are hot issues or big political events. This includes 800 copies for the Timor Leste Government based on the agreement between the Government of Timor Leste and STL to distribute to the 442 village (suku) in Timor Leste. This helps to provide information to the rural community leader people.

TV and Radio
 As pioneer STL commits to consistently implements requirements of the developments in this age of multimedia and digital. On the occasion of commemoration 15th anniversary, February 1st 2008 the management decided to establish TV, radio and establish again online version.

In early August 2009, the transmitter of TV and radio assembled in Bandung, Indonesia has tested and ready for on air.  On 6th August 2009, Deputy PM Jose Luis Guterres launched the TV and Radio experimental programs.

Despite facing the lack of human resources and equipment, on 22 of October 2009 PM Kayrala Xanana Gusmão officially inaugurated the STL TV and radio and STL entered in the age of electronic media. This event has marked a new phase in the world of broadcasting and STL TV become the first private and commercial channel in this country.

On May 2010, Embassy of United States of America has agree to provide fund to purchase the new transmitter for STL TV. The new transmitter has a power 1 kilowatt (1000 watts), OMB and Spanish made. Purchasing and delivery process and installation has finished by July 2011.

October 2011, New Zealand Embassy in Dili supported fund for purchasing internal communication, computer Mac Apple and software for live broadcast program and recording program and video camera. April 2012 President Ramos Horta assisted STL to purchase transmitters OMB Spain made for distrust of Baucau and Maliana.

Name: STL TV
Motto: “Hari’i Hodi Serbi” (Present to Serve)
STL TV cover all areas of Capital Dili and areas surrounding’s like Tibar, Hera, Dare and Balibar. By June 2012, STL TV is able to reach districts of Baucau and Maliana. Districts of Dili, Maliana and Baucau are the most populated area and hopefully will be more than a half of population of Timor Leste have access to STL TV.

Transmitter Power:
• Dili: 1 Kilowatt (1000 watts)
• Baucau: 300 watts
• Maliana: 300 watts

All STL TV transmitters are OMB Technology, Spain and Ultra High Frequency. STL TV can be accessed at a frequency of 623.25 MHz and currently is also on a digital platform (YouTube) with the channel name STL News.

STL Print Online and Digital
STL since May 17, 2012 has launch experimental version STL Print Online and STL Digital version. The difference between STL Print Online with STL Digital version is STL Print Online able to have access to all the news of the newspaper STL, but have to read news one by one.

STL Digital version will appear like as format of the newspaper STL complete with the advertisements, one full page than choice the news to read. STL Print Online and STL Digital now under preparation and construction including password access. Later on after tested and fixed people want to access should have password and should pay in advance for one year. The price for one year will be US$50 (Fifty US Dollar).

STL Online version will be free for charge but the news probably only lead of the news. STL will always follow the evolution of information technology and plan ahead prepare ground for all news produced by STL Corporation able to access with new communications technology.

Salvador Training Institute (STI)
Formerly known as The Journalism Training Centre (JTC), STL as the pioneer and largest newspaper in Timor Leste, has moral responsibility to enhance the journalist’s professional works, standards and ethics. On 24 November 2006, STL has established the Journalist Training Centre and officially inaugurated by former Prime Minister and President, José Ramos Horta.

The STI training is focused on developing and increasing journalist’s awareness on capability and professional skills in order to achieve the multi-platform journalism standard. The STI is delivering a hands on training with the combined in class training, simulation and real work experiences by using  all medias of the STL Corporation.

OQIENUM, LDA. (Printing).
Initially, in 1993 the daily STT printed at workshop state printing Press (Percetakan Negara) which then only provided a poor newspaper printing quality and it’s difficult to the newspaper develop business and distribution. Therefore, in the early 1994, the Asia Foundation and USAID positively response to the proposal by providing the newspaper a German made Heidelberg Printing Press and pre-printing equipment’s. This improved the newspaper performance in terms of printing quality and quick news distribution to the community.

During the period of campaign for Popular consultation August 30 1999, STT printing received also CNRT Bulletin Vox Populi. STT printing also printed bulletin Dewan Solidaritas Mahasiswa (Council of Students Solidarity) UNTL that campaign for referendum. At that time no printing workshop have courage to print campaign materials for CNRT and Dewan Solidaritas Mahasiswa.

The tragedy of September 1999 in Timor Leste implied to the massive destruction of the newspaper facilities including house and printing machine. Now this printing machine is no longer used and its frame is installed in front of the STL compound as a non violence monument against media.

7 April 2002, the STL management team afforded to buy a new printing machine, WEB GOSS Community, which was jointly funded by the Portugal and Finland government and the STL owned fund. This allowed the newspaper to print the newspaper with the bigger size, 8 columns.The new facility was inaugurated by Xanana Gusmão.

Professional Concerns
Enhancing Professionalism standards and Ethical codes
The STL Corporation has committed to enhance the quality of information services and professional media management in Timor Leste. In that line, The STL Corporation commits to review, improve norms, guidelines, standards and professional ethical codes and continuous journalist and staff training, courses, workshops, discussions and internship programs.

Therefore, on February 1st 2008, STL commemorate his XV anniversary with the theme “Developing Professionalism and Maintaining Independence to Flourish Democracy.” This theme will be guideline and reflection for seminars, workshops and discussions topics that will be regularly organized by the STL Corporation in order to get inputs from various people.

Introducing Journalism to Senior High School Students
The key input of the media advancement is human resource. However, this parameter has become a major obstacle for the development of various media in Timor Leste. In fact, there no universities and institutions in Timor Leste have faculty of communication and mass media or department of journalist as sources of recruitment for journalist.

One way to stimulate the interest of young people to became journalist is to introduce journalism to young people study in senior high schools and universities.

Therefore, the daily newspaper Suara Timor Lorosae has established cooperation with St. Joseph College (Catholic High School) since February 2003 in order to provide a page of the newspaper to the students to weekly publish their activities and opinions. This page, call the St Joseph College wallpaper news.

As part of introducing journalist to students of high school, STL has provide opportunity to São Miguel College (High School) to produce news for STL TV. STL also provide space and columns to students and young people to publish their articles.

Non Violence Monument
It is important to all people to aware and understood on the significant roles of the media as sources of information and knowledge, education, entertainment and social control. Base on these roles and function, media became one pillar of democracy in the democratic countries.

These important roles of media sometime are not well understood by many people, which then lead to them to put media as another enemy to press and try to destroy. The daily Newspaper Suara Timor Lorosae (formerly known as Suara Timor Timur) has experienced continuous pressure and violence in various forms during the Indonesian occupation from terror, intimidation, violation including destruction and burnt down office and production equipment’s. Pressure and intimidation also happen after independence but different in the form, way and scale.

To avoid pressure and violence against the media, then STL has taken an initiative to build a simple monument of Non Violence against the media. The monument was built used the first printing press machine of STT which destroyed and burned down during the tragedy of September 1999. The monument was inaugurated by former Deputy PM Jose Luis Guterres and witnessed by the Charge d’Affaires of US Embassy in Dili, Mr. Henry M., journalists, politicians, and academicians on the occasion of commemoration of the World Press Freedom Day in May 3, 2008.

Contribution to Development
A small contribution of STL to the country is development of human resources. Since it’s publication to January 2011, STL was place hundreds of people for education, training and career development and many of them has been training in Jakarta, Bandung, Jogyakarta and Bali. From STL side there are big loses but in the other hand STL is proud, they become success in diverse areas as senior journalist in other media, politician, businessman, media officers or civil servant.

The Daily Newspaper, Suara Timor Lorosae has established mutual cooperation’s with the following newspaper and training institutes:
• Kompas Daily Newspaper, Jakarta, Indonesia.
• Tempo Daily Newspaper and Tempo Weekly Magazine in Jakarta, Indonesia.
• Radar Bali Daily Newspaper in Denpasar, Bali.
• Pikiran Rakyat Daily Newspaper in Bandung, Indonesia.
• LPDS – DR Soetomo Training Institute for Journalism, Jakarta, Indonesia.
• LPPM – Management Training Institute, Jakarta, Indonesia.
• Lusa, Portuguese News Agency.
• Trans TV Jakarta, Indonesia.
• VOA (Voice of America)
• CCI (Content Creative Indonesia)
• Timor Telecom

Dili, June 2021
The Management STL Corp.